APA Services, Inc. was established in 2018 as an expansion of the former APA Practice Organization and is a 501 (c)(6) organization focused on advocating for the profession of psychology. The new APA Services, Inc. was approved in August 2018 by the APA Council of Representatives, to benefit members and seamlessly address the range of opportunities and challenges facing the entire discipline and profession of psychology.

APA Services, Inc. will advocate on behalf of psychology with the direction and guidance of an Advocacy Coordinating Committee responsible for evaluating and setting annual advocacy priorities with respect to impact on both the discipline of psychology and the professions of psychologists in scientific, educational, public interest, health service practice and applied practice settings.

Membership and Governance

All members of the American Psychological Association are also members of APA Services, Inc. Learn more about membership benefits.

APA Services, Inc. is governed by the APA Services, Inc. Board of Directors, which consists of the members of the Board of Directors for the American Psychological Association. The board is composed of six members-at-large and six officers—the president-elect, president, past-president, treasurer, recording secretary, and CEO. The chair of the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students serves as an additional member. 

APA Services, Inc. Policies

APA Services, Inc. Resolution on Psychologists in Integrated Primary Care and Specialty Health Care Settings (PDF, 179KB) 
This policy was established as a companion to the 2016 APA Council Resolution, Psychologists in Integrated Primary Care and Specialty Health Settings.

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