Psychology can play a key role in public policy by providing essential knowledge that establishes priorities, improves informed decision-making, and resolves policy differences.

By speaking up to ensure public policies are informed by psychological science and expertise, you can advance the field of psychology, raise awareness of its contributions, and garner funding for essential programs.

Everyday Advocacy

By APA Chief Advocacy Officer Katherine McGuire, MS

This one-pager of suggested talking points to promote psychology can be used as a handout to share with candidates and campaigns with whom you come into contact. With the election less than two months away, Congressional candidates on both sides of the aisle will be actively trying to engage with would-be voters. They will be joining community events, showing up at chicken barbeques and apple festivals, and hosting local fundraisers. Don’t be surprised if they come knocking on your door. This is an excellent time to leverage their interest and speak up for your work, your patients and your communities. Ask candidates to stand up for psychological science and access to mental and behavioral health services!