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Advocate Spotlight: Eugene Borgida, PhD

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American Psychological Association. (2021, November 22). Advocate Spotlight: Eugene Borgida, PhD.

Eugene Borgida, PhD Name: Eugene Borgida, PhD
Home State: Minnesota
APA Division: APA Division: Division 1 (Society for General Psychology), Division 8 (Society for Personality and Social Psychology), Division 9 (Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI)), Division 41 (American Psychology-Law Society)

How and why did you first become engaged in advocacy for psychology?

I have been engaged in advocacy work since my undergraduate years. I joined APA Division 9 (SPSSI) as a graduate student at Michigan in the early '70s and deeply valued the ways in which psychological science connected to social justice issues, particularly prejudice reduction and institutional change efforts. As a faculty member, over the years, I have been on a variety of committees charged with advocacy for psychology. I also have served as an expert witness in civil and criminal cases where my task was to educate about psychological science.

What do you feel most passionate about regarding your advocacy work?

An emphasis on the value of psychological and social science evidence in all efforts. Making every effort to explain the pertinence of our science including the strengths and limitations of the evidentiary rationale. Being passionate about this evidence also requires patience and the ability to re-group in order to achieve or come close to achieving one's goals.

What is something important you have learned about advocacy that has made you more effective?

Involving the constituencies affected by advocacy efforts and listening to seeking out their input is crucial for advocacy to be effective. In other words, process matters.