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Mental and behavioral health

Promoting prevention of gun violence with Biden transition team

APA experts inform Biden transition official about psychological research on firearms.

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Vonachen, B. (2021, January 15). Promoting prevention of gun violence with Biden transition team.

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On Jan. 5, psychologists Robert Kinscherff, PhD, JD; Susan Sorenson, PhD; Craig Bryan, PsyD, ABPP; Dewey Cornell, PhD; and Erlanger “Earl” Turner, PhD; represented APA on a conference call with a Biden-Harris transition official. The APA experts shared recommendations (PDF, 58KB) and spoke about the need for a public health approach to firearm injury prevention as well as increased research funding. Topics of the gun violence conversation included suicide prevention, school safety and threat assessment, access to mental health services and supports for diverse populations, veterans, intimate partner violence, as well as multisystem intervention strategies. The conversation is the first in what will be active year of advocacy for APA to promote evidence-based strategies to prevent senseless gun violence tragedies impacting our nation.

For more information, contact Ben Vonachen.