APA joined a coalition (PDF, 124KB) of organizations representing health care, education, and advocacy groups calling on the incoming Biden administration to meaningfully address Title IX and sexual misconduct in education. The request reflects psychological science and research about sexual assault and harassment, as well as many of the principles in APA’s resolution on campus sexual assault (PDF, 100KB). This includes requiring stricter enforcement measures, mandating school climate surveys, providing alternative means of conflict resolution such as restorative justice, and ensuring training on comprehensive sexual health and consent education for all students and staff.

The groups also urged the new Department of Education to withdraw current regulations governing Title IX, and replace them with a new rule that reaffirms that Title IX:

  • covers dating violence, domestic violence, and sex-based stalking
  • institutes a range of supportive measures and remedies for survivors
  • provides strong protections against retaliation; and 
  • ensures complainants and respondents have equal procedural rights in school investigations and disciplinary proceedings.

APA expressed strong opposition to the current rule when it was finalized this spring.

For more information, contact Kenneth Polishchuk or Sophie Friedl.