APA has partnered with the Black Women’s Health Imperative and the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence to provide a free webinar, “Self-Care and COVID-19" in response to stresses caused by the pandemic and racial justice uprisings.
The webinar will take place on Oct. 22 from 7:30-9 p.m. EDT and will feature several psychologists including Shari E. Miles-Cohen, PhD, Senior Director of APA Women’s Programs Office as well as Jameta Nicole Barlow, PhD, MPH; Charlotte McCloskey, PhD; and Laurent Stutts, PhD, all members of the APA Committee on Women in Psychology.

This webinar is being offered as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a commemorative month first recognized in 1981 to bring attention to the issue of domestic violence and intimate partner violence (IPV) with the goal of ending it. This year more than ever, it is increasingly important to provide outreach and support to survivors of IPV. APA has found that stress has increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic compared to stress levels last year. The stress of the pandemic, combined with lockdown and social distancing orders has created a dangerous situation for people living with their abusers, according to a recent paper published in the journal Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy. Because of the additional stress everyone is facing, practicing self-care has become increasingly important, especially for women of color and those experiencing domestic violence, who experience greater stress and trauma than other women.

If you cannot attend this webinar, APA has additional self-care resources available and if you are experiencing domestic violence, additional resources and direct support can be found through the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

For more information, contact Sophie Friedl.