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Health in older adulthood

Working to support elder justice and social isolation programs

APA Services and coalition partners press for inclusion of funds to support elder justice and social isolation programs in the budget reconciliation package.

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American Psychological Association. (2021, September 16). Working to support elder justice and social isolation programs.

Elderly woman in wheelchair looking out of window

The House Ways and Means Committee recommended that the House Budget Committee include H.R. 4969, the reauthorization of the Elder Justice Act (PDF, 64KB), as part of its House budget reconciliation package. The APA is part of the Elder Justice Coalition working toward the legislation’s passage and inclusion in the package.

The legislation includes almost $4 billion to establish elder justice infrastructure, which includes adult protective services. It will also support evidence-based approaches to improve linkages between health and social services and supports. The bill also includes $400 million to improve staffing in nursing homes and $250 million for programs to address social isolation and loneliness by conducting outreach to individuals at risk of isolation and developing community-based interventions to end social isolation.

The proposal will now move to the House Budget Committee, which will decide whether the Elder Justice Act reauthorization will be included in the final package the House votes on. The Senate will also need to include the bill in its final package, but the Senate has yet to release their proposal.

APA Services will continue to support this legislation and work toward its inclusion in the final budget reconciliation package.

For more information, contact: Serena Dávila.