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Advocating for the Equality Act in the Senate

APA submits letter of support for the Equality Act to Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and joins more than 90 other leading women’s rights and gender justice organizations in their statement of support.

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American Psychological Association. (2021, April 1). Advocating for the Equality Act in the Senate.

On March 17, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on “The Equality Act: LGBTQ Rights are Human Rights.” Prior to the hearing, APA submitted a letter of support (PDF, 157KB) emphasizing the association’s decades-long track record of civil rights advocacy for this community and the scientific research opposing anti-discriminatory legislation, policies, and practices. APA highlighted the 2020 Council Resolution Opposing Discriminatory Laws, Policies, and Practices Aimed at LGBTQ+ Persons.

APA also joined more than 90 national and state-level organizations in a “Statement of Women’s Rights and Gender Justice Organizations in Support of the Equality Act” (PDF, 122KB) because advancing civil rights for LGBTQ people is critical to advancing women’s rights and gender justice. 

For more information, contact Leo Rennie or Sophie Friedl.