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Actively supporting DACA recipients and psychologists

An APA-sponsored webinar series provides mental health resources for DACA recipients and the psychologists who serve them.

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American Psychological Association. (2020, July 24). Actively supporting DACA recipients and psychologists.

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In partnership with several organizations, APA sponsored a three-part webinar series on mental health services for immigrants, tailored to recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and psychologists serving the DACA community. The third and final webinar, “Strengthening Communities of Support to Serve Immigrant Clients,” was held on July 24. The presenters addressed strategies for building communities of support when providing mental health services to immigrants, including DACA recipients. They also discussed working with immigrants across systems, connecting with community resources and accessing professional support for providers. APA partnered with the following organizations to produce these webinars: National Latinx Psychological Association (NLPA), APA’s Div. 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology), Lehigh College of Education,, Informed Immigrant, United We Dream (UWD) and Immigrants Rising.

APA Advocacy also successfully secured the participation of Rep. Raul Ruiz (D-Calif.), who is a champion for immigrants and their mental health. He provided opening remarks about psychologists and the importance of their work with immigrants. APA will continue its long-standing advocacy for immigrants and their mental health needs.

For more information, contact Serena Davila.