APA’s Advocacy Office partnered with Div. 54’s (Society for Pediatric Psychology) Anti-Racism Task Force to equip members with new advocacy skills to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives at the federal, state, local, and institutional level. The task force’s goal is to address racism and discrimination individually, in their division, in their practice, and in society. 

Each day focused on the many ways that pediatric psychologists can promote anti-racism and help to lift the voices of under resourced and marginalized people. The agenda (PDF, 195KB) included panels on federal, state, local, and institutional advocacy, breakout sessions on network mapping, and training on social media. Members of APA’s Advocacy Coordinating Committee contributed greatly to this training, allowing them to pass on their knowledge to their fellow psychologists. 

Many amazing psychologists, advocates, and APA staff were featured as presenters, panelists, and moderators, including: Sharon Berry, PhD, ABPP; Jennifer Pendley, PhD; Melissa Santos, PhD; Bill Stoops, PhD; Ayli Carrero Pinedo (doctoral candidate); Amber Hewitt, PhD; Connie Galietti, JD; Stefanie Reeves, MA; Candice Hargons, PhD; Melanie Page, PhD; Tania Chowdhury (doctoral candidate); APA’s Chief Advocacy Officer Katherine McGuire, MA; Kimberly E. Hiroto, PhD; Christine Delaney; Kim Mills; and Amy Beck, PhD. APA’s Advocacy staff, Aaron Bishop, APA’s deputy chief for public policy and engagement, and Sophie Friedl, director of congressional and federal affairs led the training. 

The Society of Pediatric Psychology has diversity resources available.  

For more information, contact Sophie Friedl.