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Supporting K-12 students in response to COVID-19

APA urges Congress to increase support for distance learning and students with disabilities.

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Polishchuk, K., & Vonachen, B. (2020, July 31). Supporting K-12 students in response to COVID-19.

Supporting Students in Response to COVID-19

APA has been advocating for students since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes increased funding for connectivity and technology to ensure continuity of learning in a distance education environment, particularly for students in low income and traditionally underserved communities. As part of a group of organizations representing education and health care, APA joined a letter urging congressional leadership to include at least $4 billion for the Federal Communication Commission’s E-rate Program in the next COVID-related relief legislation to provide equitable access to broadband and high-speed internet for remote learning.

APA also signed a letter in support of the Supporting Children with Disabilities During COVID-19 Act (S. 4100), which increases funding for states under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The legislation would also provide an additional $55 million for the Assistive Technology Act to help address the increased need for assistive technology due to COVID-19. The letter calls on Congress to include this legislation as a provision in a forthcoming coronavirus relief package.

For more information, contact Kenneth Polishchuk, or Ben Vonachen.