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State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Associations (SPTAs)

APA Services, Inc. works with its 60 affiliated state, provincial and territorial psychological associations (SPTAs) on a broad range of issues affecting the professional practice of psychology. This strong partnership allows APA Services, Inc. to have its ear to the ground and maintain a watchful eye in jurisdictions where psychologists practice. This focus improves decision making regarding resource allocation and prioritization of advocacy efforts.

SPTA Directory


The Council of Executives of State, Provincial (and Territorial) Psychological Associations (CESPPA) is supported by APA Services, Inc. and consists of the executive directors of the 60 affiliated SPTAs. This vital organization makes it possible for SPTAs to share resources and communicate with each other and APA Services, Inc. on a broad range of association management and advocacy issues that address the needs of practicing psychologists.

Association Management Resources

APA Services, Inc. Resources for SPTAs

Date created: 2009
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