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The growing appreciation of the importance of behavioral health in the broader health care system creates new opportunities for psychologists to develop and/or participate in innovative practice models that promote coordinated care. The APA Practice Organization will continue to support psychology's role in alternative practice models and keep members informed about emerging trends, challenges and opportunities.

Partnerships for Patient Care (PDF, 53KB)

This practitioner profile of Ronald C. Fish, PhD, discusses how his career as a psychologist connects with medical practices, and he helps patients and practitioners thrive.

Going Big with Alternative Practice Models (PDF, 380KB)

Practitioners have developed alternative practice models that are much more expansive than traditional models, and will negotiate contracts for mental health professionals and get patients the care they need faster than ever before.

Innovator and Advocate for Behavioral Health (PDF, 318KB)

Traci Bolander, PsyD, directs Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health, LLC, which she describes as a one-stop shop for behavioral health needs.

Alternative Practice Models for Psychologists: An Overview (PDF, 287KB)

Psychologists can consider a range of options available for adapting to the changing health care marketplace, from strategies for increasing your referral network to cutting-edge corporate structures.

Choosing the Best Legal Structure for Your Professional Practice (PDF, 284KB)

Understanding your legal structure options is important since these structures are often the building blocks for alternative practice models such as independent practice associations and management service organizations.

Considering Options for Alternative Practice Models (PDF, 661KB)

The evolution of health care is likely to affect many psychologists, therefore all psychologists should learn about the alternative models being developed to help them better understand the marketplace context for today’s practitioners.

A Two-Generational Approach to Integrated Care (PDF, 74KB)

Through her program, Healthy Steps, Rahil Briggs, PsyD, provides parents with young children information and support about such parenting challenges as surviving toilet training, managing tantrums and encouraging learning.

Putting Your Business Plan to Work (PDF, 1MB)

Outlined steps in developing a business plan for your practice and how to begin putting your plan to good use.

Alternative Practice Models — Brief Glossary (PDF, 248KB)

Brief definitions of terms related to alternative practice models as they apply to psychologists.
Date created: 2014