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Have You Charted Your Mission?

by Corporate Relations and Business Strategy Staff

Your mission statement is a key element of your overall business plan and can help you chart a clear course to practice success. Use the worksheet below to identify the components of your mission statement. Then review the four examples following the worksheet to get some ideas for distilling the pieces into a succinct, coherent mission statement for your practice.

Having a well-crafted mission statement offers several benefits:

  • Helps you clearly and concisely communicate to outside parties who you are and what professional services you offer

  • Gives you a clear professional identity

  • Serves as an anchor for strategic planning and decision making

  • Helps keep staff and partners on the same page

  • Can provide a sense of direction and a path to follow in working to meet your goals.

Mission Statement Worksheet

Briefly list or describe the following items (or download and complete the worksheet below).

The name of your practice:

The services you provide:

Your competitive advantage/what sets you apart from others offering similar services:

The clients you serve:

The geographic area(s) you serve:

The goals/target outcomes of your services:

The core values and philosophy that drive the work you do:

Your long-term or overall goals:

Now, craft your mission statement by combining the elements above into a one-paragraph, narrative format. Try various combinations until you have a version that clearly describes who you are, what you do, and your sense of purpose. For some ideas about how to put the pieces together, see the examples below.


Springfield Psychological Services (SPS) is a full-service outpatient mental health clinic, serving adults in the greater Springfield metropolitan area. A "one-stop-shop" for those suffering from severe and persistent mental illnesses, SPS offers individual and group therapy, comprehensive case management services, and Springfield's largest day program. By maintaining collaborative relationships with the psychiatry department at Springfield General Hospital and Springfield Hospital's Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), SPS facilitates a seamless continuum of services designed to help clients maximize their functioning, while remaining in the community in the least restrictive environment possible.

Leadership Enhancement, Inc. (LEI) is Springfield's premier executive coaching firm. With an experienced team of consulting psychologists, LEI is the region's only firm that focuses exclusively on helping C-Suite Executives from financial organizations achieve peak performance. Using a strengths-based approach, LEI helps successful executives identify their strengths and leverage them to achieve both personal goals and bottom-line results.

Springfield University — Counseling and Psychological Services (SU-CAPS): Our mission is to provide a wide range of services free-of-charge to SU students. By maintaining a visible presence on campus and providing easily accessible services including screening and assessment, outpatient therapy for individuals and couples, crisis intervention, educational seminars, academic and career counseling, and extensive referral resources, SU-CAPS seeks to foster a campus environment that promotes healthy behaviors and outstanding academic performance.

Bonnie D. Smith, PhD. My mission: to exceed the expectations of my clients and referral sources by creating a standard of treatment excellence. Through my commitment to custom-tailored interventions designed to meet the specific needs of each client, outstanding customer service and client satisfaction, and an outcome-driven approach to enhancing functioning, I help children and adults in Lower Springfield cope effectively with life's problems and perform better in all walks of life (e.g., school, work, family, interpersonal relationships). As a psychologist in independent practice, I maintain the high quality of my services by commanding premium rates and not accepting insurance, but offer a limited amount of service to the community pro bono via my connection to the Women's Center of Lower Springfield.

Visit the Practice management tools section for additional resources including the Covered diagnoses & crosswalk of DSM-IV codes to ICD-9-CM Codes and Tools for tracking your client sources.


Date created: 2005