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Technology in Practice

This section includes information about building, operating and maintaining a technology infrastructure for your practice that simplifies record keeping and practice management, while tapping into web resources and mobile applications for appropriate and effective outreach to potential clients and referral sources.

Software reviews

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Let’s get technical

A review of the latest apps and tools for practicing psychologists

  • Payment Processing Platforms
    A review of three payment processing platforms.
  • PTSD Apps for Adults
    A review of three posttraumatic stress disorder apps from the VA.
  • Mindfulness Apps for Kids
    A review of three apps to help children develop the skills they need to become more resilient, increase their well-being or bring calm to their lives.
  • Latest Telehealth Solutions
    A review of three popular telehealth platforms for practitioners.
  • Mobile Apps for Clients  
    A review of three mobile apps that use mood tracking as a key function to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Software for Practice 
    A review of three programs that can help practitioners run a psychological practice.
  • Meditation Apps for Adults
    A review of three mindfulness and meditation mobile apps that practicing psychologists could potentially recommend as resources for their patients.

Privacy and security online

Automating your practice

Technology 101

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