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Understanding Licensing Board Disciplinary Procedures

by the CAPP/BPA Task Force on Understanding Licensing Board Disciplinary Procedures

"Understanding Licensing Board Disciplinary Procedures" (PDF, 164 KB) provides information about the disciplinary process used by the state boards. This legal/administrative process is not always well understood by professionals. The objective is to help psychologists and consumers appreciate the nature of the licensing board disciplinary process and take appropriate action to defend themselves when necessary. It is not intended to defend or attack licensing boards’ authority, jurisdiction or disciplinary procedures as they seek to fulfill their legislative mandate.

This document is designed to demystify the disciplinary process by describing the steps of the process, to help psychologists understand their legal rights, and to identify the points at which psychologists may have options. After reading this document, a psychologist should broadly understand disciplinary regulations and procedures. If a complaint is filed, it is hoped that the psychologist will have information helpful when making a balanced judgment about when to seek legal professional assistance, and how to manage an initial contact with a licensing board representative.

Please note that nothing in this document should be construed as legal advice, and that the use of various state laws or regulations throughout this document is for demonstration purposes only and should not be construed as a statement of the current state of the laws or regulations in those jurisdictions.

Date created: 2003