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Information on Licensure

by APA Practice Directorate Staff

The American Psychological Association (APA) Practice Directorate's Office of Legal and Regulatory Affairs addresses issues of psychology licensure and certification. Information requests specific to a particular state are best handled by that state's licensing board and/or state psychological association.

1. The practice of psychology is protected by state laws and regulations administered by each state's professional licensing board. The Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) has authored a brochure, Entry Requirements for Professional Practice of Psychology: A Guide for Students and Faculty, which contains information on the legal requirements for entry into the practice of psychology. This brochure gives an overview of typical licensing requirements, information on how to meet licensing requirements, and the content of the national exam. ASPPB can also answer specific questions regarding the exam dates and study programs. To obtain the brochure or for further information, you may call or write:

P.O. Box 241245
Montgomery, AL 36124-1245

Phone: 334-832-4580
Fax: 334-269-6379

2. Specific licensure requirements by state/province/territory is available from ASPPB. The state boards should be contacted for answers regarding the requirements that must be met to obtain a license (whether this is your first licnese or you are moving to a different state) state licensing examination, regulations governing the practice of psychology (e.g., definitions of scope of practice, supervision requirements, continuing education requirements) and reciprocity.

If you have received credentials outside the United States and would like information on how to obtain licensure, please consult the licensing board of the state(s) in which you would like to practice.

3. A list of addresses and telephone numbers of APA-affiliated state psychological associations is available here. The state psychological association is a resourceful organization which can help assimilate the new practitioner into the mental health community. Use these telephone numbers to find information about local mental health settings, health maintenance organizations, preferred provider organizations, and community mental health centers. Your state psychological association can also provide you with information on the professional issues affecting psychologists in your region and the grassroots impact you can have on the national level.

Date created: 2005
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