Good Practice

Good Practice Winter 2020 cover Good Practice, the magazine for practicing psychologists, offers practical and timely information to help psychologists understand and cultivate marketplace opportunities, manage and grow their practices, and confront professional challenges. Good Practice magazine is published three times per year.

Current Issue

  • Good Practice Winter 2020 (PDF, 2MB)

    This issue addresses reimbursement changes, telehealth for new parents, attracting more people to your website, being more culturally competent and more.

Past Issues

  • Good Practice Fall 2019 (PDF, 3MB)

    The issue addresses CBD in practice, claim acceptance, treating chronic pain and more.

  • Good Practice Summer 2019 (PDF, 1MB)

    This issue addresses increasing the visibility of practitioners, state laws and policies enforcing mental health parity, the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact, mental health mobile apps, psychological and neuropsychological testing codes, billing for opioid-related work, and treating patients with opioid use disorders.

  • Good Practice Winter 2019 (PDF, 1MB)

    This issue addresses technology in practice from artificial intelligence to telehealth to electronic health record systems and more.

  • Good Practice Fall 2018 (PDF, 3MB)

    The issue addresses the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology, clinical practice guidelines, considerations when using mental health apps, the changing marketplace, and more.

  • Good Practice Spring/Summer 2018 (PDF, 4MB)

    The issue addresses the Mental and Behavioral Health Registry, political advocacy, HIPAA compliance, how billing codes and rates are set, and more.

  • Good Practice Winter 2018 (PDF, 3MB)

    The issue addresses letters for emotional support animals, making group therapy part of practice, celebrates Katherine Nordal's service, the Security Rule and more.

  • Good Practice Fall 2017 (PDF, 2MB)

    This issue addresses state and local engagement, Medicaid, PSYPACT, SPTA's, directors of professional affairs, political giving at the state level, prescriptive authority, and letters on 90837 and advocate for testing data.

  • Good Practice Spring/Summer 2017 (PDF, 4MB)

    This issue addresses mixing politics with practice, clinical data registries, a new way to pay for psychological services, navigating institutional politics, and psychology’s next generation of advocates.

  • Good Practice Winter 2017 (PDF, 1MB)

    This issue addresses MACRA & MIPS, mobile medicare, insurance billing process, integrated health care, private practice, Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice members, and the 2016 Practice Leadership Circle.

  • Good Practice Fall 2016 (PDF, 2MB)

    This issue addresses the practice spectrum, reconceptualizing professional psychology, new practice model, building and maintaining an independent practice, improving Asian-Americans’ lives, working with insurers, and how stress affects your health.

  • Good Practice Spring/Summer 2016 (PDF, 3MB)

    This issue addresses the range of traditional and alternative psychology practice options emerging in today’s health-care marketplace, reconceptualizing professional psychology, jumping into new practice models, thriving in independent practice, improving Asian -Americans’ lives, working with insurers, and how stress affects your health.

  • Good Practice Winter 2016 (PDF, 1MB)

    This newsletter addresses understanding military culture, demystifying provider contracts, Ronald C. Fish's practitioner profile, participating successfully in the Medicare PQRS program, and living well on dialysis.

  • Good Practice Fall 2015 (PDF, 1MB)

    This issue addresses ICD-10-CM codes, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, breach notification laws, videoconferencing related to telehealth service delivery, Nancy B. Ruddy's approach to health, benefits and risks of mobile mental health and behavioral apps, living well with dementia.

  • Good Practice Spring/Summer 2015 (PDF, 2MB)

    This issue addresses the ICD-10-CM, tips for public outreach from “narrative fundamentalist” Andy Goodman, Traci L. Bolander, PsyD, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015, alternative practice models, and APA's public education resources.

  • Good Practice Winter 2015 (PDF, 2MB)

    This newsletter addresses requests for test data and materials, managing fallout from online reviews, mobile applications for psychologists, 2015 PQRS program participation and changes, APAPO's PQRS registry, and protecting your cash flow and preventing theft.

  • Good Practice Fall 2014 (PDF, 3MB)

    This issue addresses alternative practice models for psychologists, legal structure for professional practice, two-generational approach to integrated care, a good business plan for psychologists and maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle.

  • Good Practice Spring/Summer 2014 (PDF, 1MB)

    In this issue: Articles about discontinuing treatment, alternative practice models, data encryption, professional wills, 2013 practitioner survey results and treatment of sleep disorders.

  • Good Practice Winter 2014 (PDF, 1MB)

    In this issue: Special articles about telepsychology, practitioner profiles and public education resources for chronic pain management.

  • Good Practice Fall 2013 (PDF, 2MB)

    In this issue: declining medicare reimbursement, diabetes fact sheet, diagnostic classification systems and more.

  • Good Practice Spring 2013 (PDF, 2MB)

    This issue addresses reporting child abuse and neglect, integrating behavioral and physical care, keeping electronic health records private and secure, combating downward spiral in Medicare Reimbursement, and helping with weight issues.

  • Good Practice Winter 2013 (PDF, 2MB)

    This issue addresses psychotherapy codes, quality reporting for Medicare providers, difficult family transitions, managed care audits, obesity and diabetes in kids, and psychologists and primary care providers.

  • Good Practice Fall 2012 (PDF, 1MB)

    This issue helps inform and prepare members who will be using the 2013 CPT® codes for psychotherapy.

  • Good Practice Spring 2012 (PDF, 1MB)

    This issue addresses creating a hybrid practice, electronic health records, medicaid expansion, social media, health care professionals, medical school and cyberbullying.

  • Good Practice Winter 2012 (PDF, 1MB)

    The articles in this issue discuss electronic health records, integrated care, threatening client encounters, subpoenas and depositions, protected assets and the practice community.

  • Good Practice Fall 2011 (PDF, 2MB)

    The articles in this issue discuss health care reform advocacy, discount networks, practice guidelines on health care delivery systems, disaster mental health, wellness, and practice assessment.

  • Good Practice Spring 2011 (PDF, 1MB)

    Topics featured in the Spring 2011 Good Practice issue include: Compliance Issues Arise with Mental Health Parity Implementation, Is That Insurance Company Avoiding the Parity Law?, Leading Psychology into the Telehealth World, Cultivating a Role in Parenting Coordination, and more.

  • Good Practice Winter 2011 (PDF, 1MB)

    The Winter 2011 Good Practice articles cover children and adolescents, health insurers, professional image, patients with diabetes, personality, and the federal parity law.

  • Good Practice Summer 2010 (PDF, 2MB)

    The Summer 2010 Good Practice covers telehealth, the new health care reform law, anxiety disorders, health insurers, disaster preparedness, and HIV prevention.

  • Good Practice Fall 2009/Winter 2010 (PDF, 3MB)

    Fall 2009/Winter 2010 Good Practice covers working with older adults, evidence-based practice, independent medical examinations, electronic health record keeping and a profile of a psychologist working in the prison system.

  • Good Practice Spring/Summer 2009 (PDF, 1MB)

    The Spring/Summer 2009 Good Practice includes articles covering the economy, social networking, providing services to police officers, leading a primary care team, self-care, and strategic alliances in practice.

  • Good Practice Winter 2008 (PDF, 1MB)

    Winter 2008 Good Practice covers avoiding administrative overload, tracking client sources and learning the language of business.

  • Good Practice Fall 2008 (PDF, 2MB)

    Learn about subpeonas, caring for children, using the Internet in your practice, solicitations and blogging.

  • Good Practice Spring 2008 (PDF, 2MB)

    Learn about closing your practice, hospital practice, sliding fee scales, PTSD and military combat, and combat trauma.

  • Good Practice Winter 2007 (PDF, 1MB)

    The Winter 2007 Good Practice covers various HIPAA issues, including the Privacy Rule and Security Rule, the National Provider Identification, and what triggers HIPAA compliance.

  • Good Practice Summer 2007 (PDF, 1MB)

    The Summer 2007 Good Practice covers identity theft, insuring your practice, increasing referrals, managed care rate cuts, and reaching out to diverse populations.

  • Good Practice Winter 2006 (PDF, 2MB)

    The Winter 2006 Good Practice covers insurance claims, the HIPAA Security Rule, choosing technology, disaster readiness and the duty to protect.

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