Health Information Technology (HIT) implementation is intended to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of health care delivery by providing tools such as electronic health records (EHRs), clinical decision support systems, e-prescribing within interoperable systems, and telehealth applications. Current efforts involve moving the mainly paper-based health records system to an electronic health records system. EHRs are intended to allow for comprehensive management of health information and its secure exchange between patients, health professionals and other entities that use health records through one nationwide interoperable system.

Telepsychology is the provision of psychological services using telecommunication technologies. Depending on how the term is used, telepsychology or telehealth may be narrowly or widely defined to include a variety of telecommunication technologies such as telephone, mobile devices, interactive videoconferencing, email, chat, text and Internet (e.g., self-help websites, blogs and social media). In addition, it might be applicable only to the delivery of clinical services or it might also include continuing professional education, patient education, public health and health administration.

APA Services is advocating for strong privacy and security protections as HIT is implemented and more psychologists seek to incorporate technology in their practices, while also developing guidance for members on HIT issues and telehealth practices.

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Last updated: May 2022Date created: December 2016