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Telehealth guidance by state during COVID-19

This resource for practicing psychologists lists the telehealth policies in all 50 states.

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American Psychological Association. (2020, April 9). Telehealth guidance by state during COVID-19.

Telehealth guidance by state during COVID-19

APA has created a resource that summarizes current state emergency orders relevant to licensed psychologists. Practitioners can use this resource to understand how to provide psychological services via telehealth to patients during the coronavirus outbreak.

Many, but not all, states already have laws in place requiring commercial health plans and state Medicaid programs to cover telehealth services. In response to the pandemic, some state governors have issued emergency orders to increase access to telehealth services and to increase the pool of available health care providers. For example, to date:

  • A dozen states have issued executive orders calling for reimbursement parity for telehealth services (ensuring rates are comparable to in-person service rates) during the declared pandemic.
  • Fourteen states have issued executive orders recognizing the patient’s home as an appropriate location for patients to receive telehealth services.
  • Fifteen states have temporarily lifted licensing requirements.
  • Twelve states have either expanded existing temporary practice provisions to allow for an increased number of days per year that an out-of-state provider might practice or instituted emergency expedited registration for out-of-state providers during this public health emergency.

Circumstances around COVID-19 continue to change, so state policies may change as well. Check APA’s Information Hub for updates.