Starting Jan. 1, practitioners must use new CPT® code numbers for psychological and neuropsychological testing services when billing Medicare and all insurance carriers.

CPT codes 96101, 96102, 96103, 96118, 96119 and 96120 have been eliminated. The new set of codes (PDF, 37KB) can be found on the APA Services, Inc. website in the Reimbursement section. To view APA’s newly developed crosswalks — charts designed to help you determine which CPT code to use for a particular service — as well as a variety of other resources, visit the  Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing Codes for Psychologists webpage.

As you begin using the new coding structure, please keep in mind the following key points:

  • Claims for services provided in 2018, but submitted in 2019, should be filed using the old codes.
  • Add-on codes should never be reported by themselves. They must be reported with the primary service base code.
  • Evaluation services must always be performed by the professional in conjunction with test administration and scoring services.
  • Evaluation services are billed in one-hour units but test administration and scoring are now billed in 30 minute units.

For help with questions about or billing problems related to the revised testing codes, contact the APA staff at or at (202) 336-5889.