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May Webinar Series on Testing Codes

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APA Services, Inc. presents a series of pre-recorded mini webinars with updates on the Psychological and Neuropsychological testing codes that went into effect on January 1, 2019. Our psychology and legal experts discuss advocacy efforts related to the testing codes, address major billing and documentation developments, apply the new codes using expanded practical examples, and respond to the questions that were submitted by registrants.

This new webinar format is designed to accommodate your schedule so you can easily access shorter pieces of content at your convenience.

Part One
In this section, Jared Skillings, PhD, ABPP, and other APA staff provide an update on APA’s advocacy efforts including updated information regarding outreach with Medicaid and commercial insurers. [Transcript (PDF, 456KB) / Slides (PDF, 550KB)]

Part Two
View a review of the new codes & definitions and how to crosswalk from the old codes to the new ones. [Transcript (PDF, 431KB) / Slides (PDF, 977KB)]

Part Three
Coding and Payment Policy Officer, Meghann Dugan-Haas, discusses recent updates on billing and coding issues including information on the new base/add-on code structure, episodes of care that occur over multiple dates of service, and the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI). [Transcript (PDF, 441KB) / Slides (PDF, 743KB)]

Part Four
Neil H. Pliskin, PhD, presents an explanation of the Five Stages of Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing that frequently occur over multiple days of service. [Transcript (PDF, 448KB) / Slides (PDF, 685KB)]

Part Five
Neil H. Pliskin, PhD, demonstrates a sample method of documenting testing evaluation services. [Transcript (PDF, 445KB) / Slides (PDF, 679KB)]

Psychological or Neuropsychological Testing Sample Billing/Services Summary (blank form, DOC, 21KB)

Part Six
Antonio E. Puente, PhD, and Neil Pliskin, PhD, walk through several expanded neuropsychological assessment case examples including how to document your work and complete a claims form.[Transcript (PDF, 453KB) / Slides (PDF, 1MB)]

Neuropsychological Testing Example Billing/Services Summary (PDF, 565KB)

Part Seven
Stephen Gillaspy, PhD and Michael Westerveld, PhD, walk through several expanded psychological assessment case examples including how to document your work and complete a claims form. [Transcript (PDF, 457KB) / Slides (PDF, 1MB)]

Psychological Testing Example Billing/Services Summary (PDF, 553KB)

Part Eight
Our presenters from the above sections provide expert responses to your submitted questions regarding the new testing codes. [Transcript (PDF, 463KB) / Slides (PDF, 533KB)]

Date created: April 2019