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Mental and Behavioral Health Registry

The Mental and Behavioral Health Registry (MBHR) is an online database developed by APA, in partnership with Healthmonix, for psychologists and other behavioral health practitioners to track patient outcomes, meet quality reporting requirements including those in the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), and keep your practice competitive.

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What can the MBHR do for you?

  • Meet reporting requirements for MIPS eligible clinicians.
  • Increase Medicare reimbursement by effectively tracking quality and reporting outcomes for MIPS all in one place.
  • Drive performance growth through attacking gaps in care (PDF, 592KB).
  • Provide unique measures that are meaningful to mental and behavioral health practitioners and those we serve.
  • Collect patient-reported outcomes that can be used to improve care (e.g., provide rapid feedback, allow for benchmarking).
  • Provide evidence to negotiate with other value-based reimbursement payment programs (i.e., pay-for-performance).

Meaningful measures

The MBHR includes approximately 21 MIPS identified measures and 15 specialty measures, exclusive to the MBHR, that can be submitted directly to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). It is the only registry that includes measures to screen for anxiety disorders and report anxiety disorder treatment response. It also includes measures related to impaired functioning, such as sleep quality, pain interference, and social role functioning. New for 2022 is a suite of quality process measures specifically for neuropsychology. This will give psychologists and other professionals who use our registry more flexibility in reporting patient-reported outcome measures in order to successfully participate in MIPS to receive reimbursement.

Comprehensive, user-friendly software, and experienced support

The MBHR uses real-time dashboards, identifying and responding to the data you capture to boost your reimbursement. The team at Healthmonix will guide you through the outcome tracking and reporting process from start to finish, with data integration (PDF, 680KB) that reduces reporting burden.

Seamless integration with TherapyNotes™ makes it easier than ever to maximize your outcomes and revenue.

The Mental and Behavioral Health Registry

Watch this brief video to learn more about how the MBHR can help you access unique mental and behavioral health measures to successfully meet MIPS reporting requirements and maximize your reimbursement.

Last updated: December 2021Date created: June 2018

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