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PracticeUpdate: 2015

  • Dec. 17
    This newsletter addresses converting to the ICD-10-CM diagnostic codes, substance use disorders and ICD-10-CM coding, Physician Quality Reporting System penalties, apps for clinical tools and for professional tasks, and handling patient record retention and access when leaving a practice.
  • Nov. 19
    2016 Medicare Fee Schedule Final Rule highlights, Practitioner Pointer: Supervising an intern or post-doctoral trainee, and APAPO comments on Medicare payment law implementation.
  • Nov. 5
    This issue addresses comprehensive mental health system reform, medicare final rule, and info on CMS.
  • Oct. 22
    This issue addresses information on PQRS penalties for 2015, research on the impact of stigma on the mental health status of transgendered individuals, and CAPP election results.
  • Oct. 08
    This issue addresses ICD-10-CM active status, state compliance with federal parity regulations, NCQA health plan ratings, and an update from the APA Disaster Resposne Network.
  • Sept. 24
    This issue addresses information on CMS' medicare payment reduction notices for 2016, a new law in Oregon allowing interns and residents to bill Medicaid, removing barriers to military mental health care, and a call for APA clinical practice guideline steering committee candidates.
  • Sept. 10
    This issue addresses information on new ICD-10-CM coding for substance use disorders, comments on proposed 2016 Medicare fee schedule, recommendation on adolescent screening for MDD open for public comment, and more.
  • Aug. 27
    This issue addresses the Oct. 1, 2015 implementation of ICD-10-CM codes, the Mental Health Reform Act of 2015, the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice elections, research on animal-assisted therapy, and a presentation on the future of professional practice by the APA Practice Directorate senior staff.
  • July 23
    This newsletter addresses guidance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services about ICD-10-CM coding, health related Apps in daily practice, the 2017 APA presidential candidates, and key contacts psychologists have with members of Congress.
  • June 25
    This newsletter addresses the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015, text therapy, and Medicare beneficiaries with chronic conditions.
  • June 11
    This newsletter addresses parity enforcement and transparency in Medicare, a bill that would expand provision of Medicaid obesity treatment benefit to psychologists, and public education fact sheets.
  • May 28
    This newsletter addresses federal enforcement agencies concerns about the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008, childrens’ health care legislation, and the potential adverse mental health effects of global climate change.
  • May 14
    This newsletter addresses the ICD-10-CM, Physician Quality Reporting System webinars, Proposed endorsement of ASPPB’s Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact, and mind-body awareness at conference for health journalists.
  • April 30
    This newsletter addresses antitrust issues for alternative practice models, the APA Practice Organization discounts program, and APA Record Keeping Guidelines.
  • April 16
    This newsletter addresses sustainable growth rate updates, risk adjustment audits, PQRS Measure Applicability Validation process, and vision and vigilance for practice innovation.
  • March 30
    This newsletter addresses the SGR Repeal Bill, temporary practice across state lines and telehealth, problematic psych testing audits, and integrated care and alternative practice models.
  • March 12
    This newsletter addresses psychology leaders focus on practice innovation and advocacy, mobile mental health and the impact of Facebook on psychosocial health.
  • Feb. 26
    This newsletter addresses 2015 Current Procedural Terminology coding changes, patient record retention and access, and health and wellness messages to physicians’ offices.
  • Feb. 12
    This newsletter addresses Department of Health and Human Services Medicare payment goals, Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice nominations, quick reference guide for PQRS measures, procedure codes and G-codes, and the 2014 Stress in America™ survey that focuses on how money is affecting Americans.
  • Jan. 29
    This newsletter addresses APAPO’s legislative road map for 2015, how to handle non-compete and non-solicitation clauses, and APAPO governance leaders nominations.
  • Jan. 15
    This newsletter addresses the Physician Quality Reporting System reporting deadline, frequently asked questions about the Physician Quality Reporting System, effects of cancer on sexuality and quality of life, and ICD-10.
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